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Where Most Car Crashes Happen

Where Most Car Crashes Happen

June 08, 2018
By Bary Gassman

Most vehicle accidents happen in or near street intersections and are often the result of negligence and failure to obey traffic laws. These accidents may involve other motor vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

The Deadliest Place

Statistically, intersections are the deadliest place on the road. Over forty percent of all accidents and more than half of those resulting in injuries or fatalities happen at intersections.

The frequency of these accidents is linked to several factors. Multiple roads converging increases the flow of traffic past a single point, heightening the potential for a collision. Drivers make turns, slow for traffic signals or make other maneuvers that further increase the likelihood of contact with another vehicle, and pedestrians and cyclists are encountered in the roadway more often at intersections

The number of intersection-related injuries and fatalities indicates that a trip to the local grocery store may be more dangerous than a cross-country excursion on an interstate.

Severity of Injuries

Several factors contribute to the severity of injuries in an intersection accident, including:

  • The angle of impact – Turning movements at intersections can result in vehicles coming in contact at opposing angles, resulting in greater impact forces than when cars are moving in the same direction
  • Speed – Some drivers increase speed to avoid traffic signals and other vehicles causing more significant damage and injury when a collision occurs
  • Crossing points – Pedestrians and cyclists use intersections as crossing points and are particularly vulnerable to injury if struck

Claims for Compensation

Drivers and others are responsible for exercising caution and obeying traffic laws in intersections. Persons injured in intersection accidents due to the negligence of another may be entitled to compensation.

Understanding the victim’s movements in the intersection, as well as the actions of other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists who were present, is essential to determine the cause of the accident. External conditions such as weather, obstructions and road conditions may also have played a part and must be considered.

A car accident attorney reviewing a claim for damages will attempt to identify circumstances that may have contributed to the accident. If negligence is indicated, the victim may be able to recover damages for their injuries, pain, suffering and lost income.

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