Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Helps Victims Take Control

Serious car accidents happen in Chicago and the surrounding communities every day. In 2015, there were approximately 313,316 motor vehicle crashes in Illinois. About 65,744 of these accidents caused serious injuries, while another 914 resulted in fatalities. By 2016 the number of fatalities caused by car crashes had risen to 1,017. Car accident lawyer Bary Gassman is familiar with the emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, financial stress and feelings of helplessness these crashes can cause, and he can help you take control of your situation.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, you shouldn’t have to face these burdens alone. In Illinois, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the other party for the damages you’ve suffered even if you were partially to blame for the crash. In many cases, third parties can be held liable as well. Gassman Legal will perform a careful evaluation of the circumstances that led to your accident, gather and review the evidence, and ensure that all responsible entities are held accountable.

What Injury Attorney Bary Gassman Will Do for Your Car Accident Claim

At Gassman Legal, our goal is to protect your rights as a victim, negotiate on your behalf, ensure that all evidence regarding your claim and the damages you’ve endured are brought to the table, and pursue your case in court if needed, so that you receive appropriate compensation. Although a car accident attorney can significantly improve the outcome of an injury case, many crash victims and their families still choose to go forward alone. Unfortunately, they encounter a number of obstacles, challenges and frustrations along the way. Oftentimes, seriously injured victims end up with small settlements from persistent insurance companies. In some cases, people walk away with nothing at all.

If you want to take your chances with the insurance company and risk being left with expensive medical bills, lost wages and other damages, that’s your business. But, if you want to avoid dealing with the disputes and low-ball offers from the insurance company, and you’re ready to hold the negligent party accountable and recover money for accident-related expenses, pain, suffering and more, that’s our business.

When you choose Gassman Legal to represent you in your car accident case, we will:

• Collect and preserve all evidence in your case including police reports, witness statements, photographs of the crash, cellular phone statements, medical reports and even information from the event data recorders (EDR) in the vehicles involved.
• Use the evidence to establish a solid car accident claim to ensure that all parties are held accountable and you receive a full and fair compensation.
• Negotiate directly with the insurance company or take your case to court to pursue appropriate damages.

Don’t Settle Your Accident Case for Less Than It’s Worth

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was caused by a negligent driver, chances are good that the insurance company will contact you right away to discuss a settlement “to put the incident behind you.” While a quick settlement might seem appealing at the time, it’s likely not going to be in your best interest. Before you accept any offer from the insurance company or anyone else to settle your case, call injury lawyer Bary Gassman to ensure that your rights are protected and you are fairly compensated for the damages you’ve endured.

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