Put an Illinois Injury Attorney to Work in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Gassman Legal has been providing advice and legal representation to injured workers for more than 20 years. We understand how serious work injuries or illnesses can affect victims and their families. Mounting medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent disabilities can weigh heavily on those who are injured or ill, making it difficult to focus on the important things in life- like recovery.

Workers’ compensation insurance companies are notorious for trying to minimize work injuries and limit payouts. Despite the benefits that employers are required to provide to injured workers under Illinois workers’ compensation laws, those provided by some employers and insurance companies continue to fall short. As a result, victims are often left with stacks of medical and rehabilitation expenses and no way to provide for themselves and their families.

If you’ve been injured at work, you have a right to receive full compensation for the damages you’ve incurred. Our law firm is committed to ensuring that you are fairly and appropriately compensated for the damages your work-related injury has caused.

When work-related injuries or illnesses leave you unable to work, call Chicago work injury lawyer Bary Gassman at 312-279-2779.

Chicago Work Injury Lawyer Gets Justice for Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries can occur in any line of work, and their causes are many. From common slip and fall accidents to chemical exposures and mental stress, work injuries can happen to almost anyone. While injured workers in Illinois are not required to prove fault in a workers’ comp claim, the true cause, severity of injuries and damages in a case are often disputed by employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies. In many cases, thorough investigations are never completed and important evidence is even swept under the rug. Our firm goes above and beyond to uncover all the evidence, make sure it is clearly presented, and victims like you are given the respect and fair compensation that they are entitled to receive.

A Number of Benefits Are Available Under Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Diseases Acts, injured workers and their families can recover benefits to pay for:

• Medical Care: Victims who were injured on the job are entitled to receive compensation for medical care needed to treat or repair an occupational illness or injury. This includes, but is not limited to, medications, prosthetics, devices and equipment, emergency medical care, doctor and specialist visits, physical, mental and occupational rehabilitation, vocational rehab, surgery, and even the alteration of living space.

• Total Disability: When work injuries result in total disability that leaves a worker completely unable to work, he can recover benefits for lost wages while he heals. If a worker is determined to have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and is still considered totally disabled, he or she can obtain lifetime weekly permanent total disability benefits equal to two-thirds of the victim’s average weekly wage subject to a maximum of 133.3% of the average weekly wage in the state at the time of the injury.

• Partial Disability: Workers who are partially disabled as the result of an occupational injury or illness are entitled to partial disability benefits to cover the cost of lost wages. When workers are permanently partially disabled in Illinois, four methods are used to calculate payments. These include wage differential, percentage of loss of a person as a whole, scheduled injury and disfigurement.

• Death Benefits: When a victim is killed on the job or dies because of a work-related illness, his or her surviving family members can recover death benefits. Compensation to cover medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, and future lost wages and benefits may be available.

If you have suffered a work-related injury or occupational illness, obtaining benefits to help you through this difficult time should be simple. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. When workers’ compensation benefits are challenged by your employer or the insurance company, you need an experienced Chicago work injury lawyer on your side. Call Gassman Legal today at 312-279-2779 for a free consultation.