Injury Attorney in Illinois Ensures Manufacturers Pay for Dangerous Product Injuries and Fatalities

When manufacturers and distributors put profits ahead of the safety of consumers, serious injuries and even death can occur. Poorly designed motor vehicle equipment, unsafe toys and children’s products, faulty appliances, dangerous medical devices and other hazardous items cause harm to millions of victims every year. Unfortunately, these products even cost some consumers their lives. If you’ve been injured or a loved one was killed because of a dangerous product, you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. Injury lawyer Bary Gassman can guide you through the legal process. Bary will conduct a thorough investigation of the evidence, help you file a product liability claim and negotiate with insurance companies and responsible entities on your behalf. If a settlement that meets your best interests is not obtained, Bary will take your case to court.

Injury Lawyer Bary Gassman Handles All Types of Product Liability Cases

Dangerous products are often lurking in unexpected areas and most of us encounter them regularly as we continue on through our daily lives. Defective brakes, tires, and safety equipment are on vehicles that Chicagoans use to drive to work, school or complete errands. Our kids are surrounded by unsafe toys, clothing and children’s products at daycare, school, and even in our own homes. We use dangerous tools, household products and appliances to complete daily tasks. And even the medications and medical devices prescribed or applied by our doctors often present serious risks. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approximately 30 millions victims are injured or killed every year as a result of dangerous products.

Some of the more common product liability cases an injury lawyer sees involve:

• Toys and Children’s items
• Automotive or Recreational Vehicle Equipment
• Medical Devices and Medications
• Household Products (Chemicals, Light Bulbs, Appliances,
• Food Products

Gassman Legal provides advice and legal representation to victims who have suffered injuries because of these and other dangerous products. An experienced and skilled litigation attorney, Bary is familiar with the physical pain and disfigurement, emotional trauma and financial burdens that unsafe products can cause. He will stand up for your rights as a consumer and a victim and help ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for pay for the damages you or your loved one incurred.

Product Liability Lawsuits Raise Awareness, Enhance Safety for Everyone

Manufacturers and distributors are obligated to ensure that their products will not cause harm to consumers who buy or use them. Sadly, in the rush to put new products on the market, maintain profits and increase their bottom dollar, many companies cut corners, ignore safety hazards and red flags, and intentionally bypass regulations- putting your safety and the well-being of your family and friends in jeopardy. As a result, victims lose limbs, are permanently disabled or disfigured, and some even lose their lives.

When companies know that their actions could result in them being sued for large sums of money in product liability lawsuits that could permanently damage their reputations and their businesses as a whole, they are more apt to follow safety regulations, perform more detailed inspections and tests, and promptly remove dangerous products from the market.

In many cases, an investigation can reveal multiple grounds for a product liability lawsuit as well as other legal options that are available. Contact Gassman Legal today at 312-279-2779 for a free case evaluation and find out what your case may be worth.